Important Information About Your Therapy

This page will give you some important information about your therapy which you can refer to at any time. If there are any questions you still have after reading this page, do not hesitate to get in touch to ask.

General Guidance

  • If coming to our therapy room, please arrive promptly for your session. Your session will still conclude at the scheduled time, should you arrive late.
  • If you arrive more than 10 minutes late for your session, we reserve the right to cancel the session and payment in full will be required.
  • If being visited in your own home, please ensure you are ready to start at the correct time – as, likewise, sessions will conclude at the scheduled time despite any lateness.
  • Please ensure that we will not be disturbed during your session – whether this be due to visitors, other occupants of your home, mobile phone calls, pets, etc. This is to ensure the focus is solely on you throughout the session. We cannot offer extensions to time due to disruptions.
  • Whilst we respect your privacy, to keep ourselves safe when lone working (home visits) we will inform a colleague of our general location for the duration of your appointment and the time we expect to arrive/leave. This is so that they may source the appropriate help in the case of an emergency.
  • All cancellations by yourself to be made with more than 24 hours notice, otherwise full fee will be payable.
  • Repeated cancellations may result in us needing to bring our working relationship to a close and unable to offer further sessions to yourself in the future.
  • If we are to cancel, for any reason, an alternative appointment will be offered. If the cancellation is within 24 hours of your session, your rescheduled appointment will be complimentary as an apology and sign of appreciation for your patronage.


  • Unfortunately, we are unable to offer a space for someone to accompany you to our therapy room, beyond the preliminary 30 minutes of our initial meeting. This is due to there being no reception area available. If you are accompanied by anyone, however, there are caf├ęs nearby or they are welcome to park in our on site car park. We also cannot accommodate for additional people present in the room during your session as we are not trained in group therapy, and the mere presence of another person in the room is sufficient to alter the dynamics of a session.
  • The ‘therapeutic hour’ is 50 minutes. This is the actual time spent counselling during each session. We then give 5 minutes before and after this time for relevant admin and getting comfortable. This rounds out the 1 hour session.


  • We are happy for you to bring a chaperone to your massage. They will be able to sit comfortably in the same room as us during your treatment, for your own peace of mind. We understand that clients may feel vulnerable due to the nature of massage, and the significance of having a male therapist, so do all that we can to enable you to relax.
  • If having a massage in your own home, please allow 15 minutes for us to set up the table and have everything ready. We will also require approximately 15 minutes after your treatment for us to clear up. Your appointment will be extended accordingly.
  • If requesting a home visit, we ask that you ensure space for parking will be available, as well as space for us within your home to conduct the appointment safely.
  • If you wish, you may supply your own towels for the massage. We would typically require; 3 large towels (one to lay on and two to cover your body comfortably) and 1 smaller towel (for under your head).
  • No therapy will go ahead if we have reason to suspect you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This is to ensure you get the most from your therapy, and also due to the health risks associated with the combination of massage and intoxicants.